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From Market Saturation to Sensation: A Product's Triumph

Market Saturation to Sensation

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Nayyer Industries Pvt Ltd


Nayyer Industries initially thrived with its non-woven rugs, which were popular for their affordability and design versatility. However, as the market matured, the limitations of these rugs became evident to us, leading to a decline in sales. We recognized the need to innovate and differentiate itself in a saturated market, especially with the rising demand for premium designs without a significant price hike.


  • Non-woven rugs had design and color limitations.
  • Declining sales due to market saturation.
  • Consumer demand for premium designs without a significant price hike.
  • Need for brand differentiation in a competitive landscape.
  • Rising shipping costs due to the weight of the rugs.


  • Conducted in-depth market research to understand evolving consumer preferences.
  • Collaborated with international vendors to introduce a unique polyester velvet rug texture.
  • Adopted advanced printing technology to produce intricate designs.
  • Launched the “Nayyer Prestige Collection” with Persian-inspired designs.
  • Integrated a lightweight, non-slip backing for the rugs, reducing shipping costs.
  • Amplified the collection’s presence through strategic online promotions.


  • Overwhelming response with the “Nayyer Prestige Collection” selling out 70% of its inventory within two days.
  • Successfully navigated logistical challenges, ensuring prompt deliveries.
  • Received positive feedback from customers, solidifying the brand’s position in the market.

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