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AI-Powered Early-Winter Sale Triumphs in E-Commerce

AI-Powered E-Commerce Sale

The Results

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Combined from Meta & Google


Nayyer Industries Pvt Ltd.


Nayyer Industries, a rug e-commerce retailer, faced the task of distinguishing themselves in the crowded winter sale market. With the conventional focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the company needed to innovate to capture market attention while managing advertising costs effectively.


  • Market Saturation: Competition with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • Increased Advertising Costs: Potential surge in ad prices during peak sales season.
  • Social Media Engagement: Necessity to boost engagement and reach on social media.


  • Strategic Sale Timing: Scheduled the sale at the start of the month, capitalizing on early-month consumer spending readiness.
  • AI-Driven Campaign Creation: Utilized AI to generate strategy, concept, and content for the ‘Saardi Sale’ winter campaign.
  • AI-Enhanced Artwork and Posts: Developed AI-generated visual content, captions, and posting plans for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Focused Ad Spend: Allocated a budget of Rs.170,000 for targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, along with SEM on Google.


Enhanced Engagement: +79% Increase in engagement and 101% increase in reach on social media platforms.

Impressive Sales Figures:

  • Generated a net revenue of Rs.1.2 million, increased by +67% compared to the same period from the previous month.
  • Total number of orders increased by +151% compared to the same period from the previous month.
  • Significant increase in conversion rate by +100% compared to the same period from the previous month.

High Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Achieved a 7x ROAS,  collectively with Meta & Google.

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