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AI-Powered UGC Rug Campaign: A Digital Marketing Milestone

AI-Enhanced UGC Campaign

The Results

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Increase in reach

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Qualified UGC entries from the campaign


Nayyer Industries Pvt Ltd.


Facing a highly competitive e-commerce landscape, a renowned rug retailer sought to leverage its vast customer base for enhanced market presence. Despite a significant share in the market, the need for innovative engagement strategies was imperative to maintain and grow its consumer trust and brand identity.


  • Market Saturation: High competition during peak sales seasons.
  • Need for Authentic Content: Requirement of user-generated content (UGC) to increase brand trust and authenticity.
  • Customer Engagement: Necessity to enhance organic engagement and brand trust.
  • Innovative Approach: Aspiration for a disruptive, attention-grabbing campaign.


  • Conceptualization: Developed an AI-driven campaign strategy named “Six Months of Cozy.”
  • AI Utilization: Employed AI for generating posting plans, captions, and visual content descriptions.
  • UGC Integration: Leveraged user-generated content (UGC) featuring the brand’s rugs in customer homes.
  • Campaign Promotion: Hosted campaign details on the website, with links in social media bios and captions to drive organic traffic.
  • Giveaway Incentive: Implemented a giveaway worth Rs. 26,000 to encourage participation


Significant Social Media KPIs Uplift

  • ¬†Engagement increased by +508% during the campaign.
  • Reach for followers increased by +169%
  • Reach for non-followers increased by +126%

Enhanced Online Traffic: Online store sessions grew by +50%, with social traffic increasing by +149%.

Improved Sales Metrics: Average Order Value went up by 6%.

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