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Pioneering Digital Carpet Sales in Pakistan

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Nayyer Industries Pvt Ltd


  • Nayyer Industries initially relied heavily on Instagram DMs for sales, which became overwhelming due to the volume of inquiries.
  • Their first transition to a WordPress e-commerce platform was not optimal, facing issues like slow loading times and a less smooth checkout process.
  • The need to further optimize their e-commerce experience led to the consideration of another platform transition.


  • E-commerce Evolution: Recognizing the limitations of managing sales through Instagram DMs, Nayyer Industries first transitioned to WordPress. However, to provide a more seamless shopping experience, a subsequent shift to Shopify was executed. Visit their website and see what we made.
  • Innovative Content Creation: Introduced digital carpet mock-ups, a first in Pakistan, transforming online carpet shopping.
  • Strategic Performance Marketing: Launched paid targeted campaigns on social media platforms, leading to a surge in online inquiries and sales with upto 39x ROAS.
Digital Carpet Sales Pakistan
ROAS results over time with Meta
Digital Carpet Sales Pakistan
Performance of a combination of Google Ads over time


  • The move to Shopify significantly enhanced the online shopping experience, resulting in a substantial increase in sales. Specifically speaking, +$50,000/month by mid 2021
  • The digital mock-ups revolutionized online carpet visualization, setting Nayyer Industries apart in the market. Many similar brands copied the same approch for visuals later on.
  • Strategic performance marketing efforts, combined with the platform transitions, solidified Nayyer Industries’ position as a leader in online carpet sales in Pakistan.

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