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In-House E-commerce Consultation: Building a Powerhouse

Top view of individuals working on laptops at a desk, illustrating a collaborative in-house e-commerce consultation for Shopify, as discussed in the case study on building a powerhouse.

The Results

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Efficiency achieved in order processing and customer handling


Nayyer Industries Pvt Ltd


Nayyer Industries, a dominant player in the carpet industry, sought to revamp its e-commerce operations. Recognizing the challenges of external management and the benefits of an in-house approach, they turned to us for an in-house e-commerce consultation. Their vision was to create a seamless online shopping experience for their customers, ensuring that every touchpoint was managed efficiently.


  • External e-commerce management was inefficient and costly.
  • The absence of a specialized in-house team for diverse e-commerce domains.
  • Ensuring the in-house team had the necessary expertise and training.
  • Adapting to rapidly changing e-commerce trends and customer expectations.


  • Our in-house e-commerce consultation identified the client’s challenges and needs.
  • We recommended the establishment of an in-house e-commerce department for cost savings and efficiency.
  • Five key domains were established: Inventory Management, Customer Service, Order Processing, Digital Marketing, and Returns & Exchanges.
  • We assisted in staff recruitment and training for each domain, ensuring they were equipped with the latest industry knowledge.
  • Developed SOPs for seamless operations, and provided continuous support as they adapted to the new system.


  • Nayyer Industries now boasts a robust in-house e-commerce department.
  • Significant cost savings were achieved by transitioning operations in-house.
  • The department efficiently handles all online tasks, driving sales and customer satisfaction.
  • The new system allowed for quicker adaptation to market changes, ensuring Nayyer Industries stayed ahead of competitors.

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