Combo: Graphic Design Crash Course & Generate Income From Graphic Design Crash Course

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Workshop Goals


  • Thorough understanding of the basics of graphic design.

  • Ability to read, understand and communicate in the language of design.

  • Effective use of various graphic design softwares (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Lightroom) for print and web design.

  • Familiarisation with quality of design (Aesthetics)

  • Firm understanding of the current situation and trends of a diverse type of Brands in Pakistan (ranging from hip culture to local & traditional)

  • Thorough understanding of photo post-processing and editing.


As an aspiring graphic designer looking to create income, how to kickstart your own Design Services Brand online:

If you’re serious about expanding your skill set so that you are more marketable to a larger market, you can make profits by selling your designs or accepting projects. You will get firsthand tips so that you are prepared to make additional income putting your graphic design skills to work.

  • My own story and my real life mentees in this field

  • Building your portfolio after the course

  • Creating your own graphic design & creatives brand to bag clients

  • How to optimize and sell your files for 100 percent of the profits.

  • How to take on projects as a freelancer

  • Working for commissions

  • Scouting for getting hired by a Design Company/ Small business as an in-house, remote or part time designer

  • Finding remote & work from home opportunities with this skill set

As a small business owner on Instagram:

  • Instagram 101: Understanding analytics, uncovering niche hashtags, determining your target audience, using your target audience for UGC (User generated content)

  • How to make your brand stand out

  • Comparisons with successful brands in your niche.

  • Using what you learned in the course to create a theme for your small business Instagram grid

  • Color Palettes

  • Tracking apps

  • Secret aesthetic apps

  • Influencers marketing and how it will benefit your small business

Each participant will get one on one consultancy after the the workshop (valid till 3 months after the course ends) in form of an (1) email where Ms.Minahil will give feedback on their Instagram page/business profile for small business or design services to tell what they need to start, stop & continue to gauge optimal results after the course.

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